“Cats Doing the Laundry”, a collection of the fairy tales of Romas from Southeastern Serbia, was published in 2003, thank to the organisation ” Lodi per Mostar”, a member of ICS. The work on collecting and publishing the oral tradition of Romas was a natural continuation of the activities and programmes directed at the Roma population and the education of Roma children. The book was created because of the need to alleviate the lack of the books in Romany, about Romas, their culture, oral tradition. The collected fairytales will help rescue from oblivion the treasure of oral tradition of Romas from Southeastern Serbia. Furthermore, it will be of use to those who study the Roma cultural heritage, and to the youngest, the Roma children, so that they can get to know the fantastic worlds of fairytales of their own culture. We hope it will serve to teachers who work in multicultural societies and who will offer the contents of the book to all children.

Download here: Cats doing the laundry