In the period 01st  october – 31st  December 2016,  International Organization for Migration continued its long-standing support for elderly Roma – born before May 9, 1945, Holocaust survivors. IOM provided support for humanitarian,social and medical assistance for 500 beneficiaries in 4 municipalities of southeastern Serbia.

The project activities include the following municipalities: Pirot, Vranje, Vranjska Banja and Bujanovac.

Activities consisted of: Socialization of beneficiaries in premises in each municipality – Social Clubs. In addition to socializing, workshops, health counseling and enlightenment and shared free medicines, as well as food and hygiene packages, were organized.

The activities were carried out in partnership with the following organizations: “Pralipe” Pirot,  “Cultural Centre of Roma” Vranjska Banja and “Youth Forum for Roma Education” Bujanovac

Funds were provided by the United States District Court for the New York East District (Alignment with Swiss Banks)