Two-day exhibition titled “Old Crafts” is organized in Bela Palanka on 19th of August. The exibition is organized for the third year in a row on the religious holiday – eve of the Preobrazenje. It is held in the park in front of the market, where is exhibited works of many organizations and individuals throughout Serbia. This year, as in previous, an association of citizens “Djurdjevdan” from Bela Palanka, exhibiting the works of their users that are created as part of the project “Inclusion of Roma Elders Through Community Based Activities”,” funded by the German Foundation “EVZ – Remmembrance, Responsibility, Future “, as a partner of the International Consortium of Solidarity – ICS Nis. The exibited handycrafts of old Roma women who were born before the 09th of May in 1945 were made in the workshops organized in the Social Club within the project. In setting up and creating a showroom actively participated those beneficiaries who made the exibited handicrafts.