In September 2008, the Center for Development and Integration in partnership with city municipality Pantelej, started the project “Let’s Provide Smoke-Free Homes for Our Children”.

Project aimed to initiate local awareness-building activities designed to help protect children from exposure to secondhand smoke, especially in their homes.

Proposed activities included various stakeholders: local government and its officials, teachers and educators from local schools and kindergartens, medical institutions and health care workers, parents and children. The project is being carried out in the period September 2008 – July 2009 through the following activities: mobilizing the attention of the local community, education of teachers, educators and parents, school competition regarding anti-smoking issues, conferences and awareness campaigns. The project included 100 teachers from primary schools, 100 parents, 500 children from primary schools and 300 children from kindergartens from Nis city municipality Pantelej.

The project was funded by the U.S. Embassy (Democracy Commission Small grants) and the Royal Netherlands Embassy (Projects MANTRA KAP).