In 2000, a group of Italian activists gathered in the organisation “Oltre Confine” from the town Cernisco sull Naviglio raised the funds and started the initiative for the implementation of a pilot project of approving loans for the internally displaced from Kosovo. The project aims at enabling the IDPs who want to start the income generating activities to access the necessary funds, which are otherwise unavailable to them, due to the strict conditions applied in the banking system.

Since the beginning of 2001, 14 projects have been funded in the municipalities Aleksinac, Bojnik, Leskovac, Nis and Vranje. The average amount loaned is 700 euros, while the repayment period is 12 to 18 months, and the interest rate is symbolic – 2 % on the total amount of the loan. The repaid funds are invested in the revolving fund, which is used for new projects.