The main goal of the project is to promote the inclusion of elders in local Roma community life, through intergenerational approaches and the social contact and communication between the local Roma and non-Roma population

The project activities consists of regular club activities, workshops, social events and geronto services – home assistance and are carried out in the territory of Vranje and Vranjska Banja.

Project provide assistance for 230 Roma, survivors of the Holocaust, their peers, non Roma, and children from the local community.

The project will, through planned activities – geronto services for older members of the Roma national minority, educational workshops for young Roma members and joint workshops for children and old people as well as organizing social events raise the quality of life of the elderly in the territory of the City of Vranje. Through the intergenerational approach, it will be done to overcome the sense of loneliness and helplessness of marginalized elderly people and encourage their active participation in the life of the local community.

The project is implemented in the period February 2018 – November 2019 in partnership with the association “Romani Asvi” from Vranje

Project is financed by German Foundation„ Remmembrance, Ransponsibility and Future“ and the City of Vranje