The organisation “Oltre Confine” from Cernisco sull Naviglio provided the funding of a very specific project, which enabled ICS to apply the approach it has advocated for a long time, but, unfortunately, has rarely found the understanding of donors.

Namely, Dragan and Damir Vranesevic have played in ICS and “Nova” Music Workshop since 2001. Faced with the manifold problems of refugee life, and in the period of adolescence, they have difficulties in finding their way in the local community. They have dropped out of the primary school; they don’t work, and live with the mother and the brother, who is a person with special needs.

On the other hand, they have achieved significant results in the Music Workshop, and established a very good contact with the facilitator Bane Radulovic.

There were no appropriate programmes which could help them improve their position; furthermore, there were no programmes where they could get a special attention and following during the implementation.

Thank to Marco Barlassina and the organisation “Oltre Confine”, ICS is implementing the project of their vocational training. First, this year, Damir and Dragan finished primary school. In the mean time, their family got into the Programme of Self-building a House in the village Drcevac near Leskovac. At the beginning of 2004, after finishing the house on which they themselves are working, they will start the vocational training for handicrafts in Leskovac. If they successfully finish the training, they will get the tools for the craft they choose. All the time, they have the necessary assistance of ICS, and the facilitator follows their progress.