IKS – International consortium of solidarity

The NGO ”Center for Development and integration” was established on 8th of August of 2005 in Nis, inspired by the desire of the local staff of the Italian NGO Italian Consortium for Solidarity – ICS to continue working on the design and implementation of projects in the Republic of Serbia.

The Center was established as a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization with aim to improve the standard of living and quality of life of poor people as well as their social integration.

The Center’s activities are aim to reduce the level of poverty by improving the economic situation and the general living conditions of socially and economically deprived population and members of minority and ethnic groups, the promotion of social integration and cohesion, support and promotion of vulnerable groups, developing and strengthening the capacity of local communities for the benefit of all its citizens especially children and young people, promoting human rights and democratic values, children’s and minority rights, fostering volunteerism and solidarity with all social groups, increasing health education and improving the status of refugees and internally displaced persons and the status of minority and ethnic groups.

In November of 2012, “Center for Development and Integration” has changed its name to “International Consortium of Solidarity.”