The Cultural Centre of Romas Leskovac was founded in 1997, as a public cultural institution. The building used by the Centre was built in 1974, for the cultural, artistic, educational and information activities, with the aim of improving the living conditions of Romas in Leskovac, and preserving their tradition and culture.

As part of the Cultural Centre of Romas in Leskovac, a few associations of citizens implement its activities:

• The Society of Romas Leskovac,
• The Cultural and Artistic Society “Sefket Ibraimovic”
• The Association of Roma Pensioners,
• The Association of Traders in Textile and Appliances,
• The Youth Association
• The Football Club “Veternica”
• The Sports Club “Roma” Leskovac

The most important fields of action of these organisations are the work with children and youth. Our long-term goal is the foundation of an educational centre for Roma children, as well as the start-up of a bilingual magazine “Jaga” (fire) for the Romas in South Serbia.

The Cultural Centre of Romas has published two collections of poems in Roma and Serbian language – “I Wandered” and “There are a lot of us, Romas”. The Cultural Centre is also a partner of Italian Consortium of Solidarity in the implementation of the project for the victims of the Nazi terror. With the support of IOM, we implement the project of support to the Romas – victims of the Nazi persecution. The project caters for 300 beneficiaries, who come to the centre to get legal advice and use the services of a lawyer and a doctor. They also get the medicines which cannot be obtained free of charge through the health care system, the glasses, prosthesis, hearing aids, food and hygiene parcels, firewood; those who are the most vulnerable get the emergency financial support.