Technicians and Some new kids


In the Music Workshops in the collective centres “Velika Kopasnica” near Leskovac and “Hotel Es” in Bela Palanka, the girls and boys gathered to express themselves, their creative energy, and chose music the most universal language. In a few concerts, they managed to communicate a part of their positive energy with their peers and all those who listened to them Their music was recorded and published on a multimedia and audio CD of ICS in 2003.



Band “Technicians” CC Velika Kopasnica, Leskovac

  • Mario Milojević – singer
  • Dragan Vranešević – guitar, vocal backing
  • Miodrag Simonović – guitar, vocal backing
  • Damir Vranešević – drums
  • Luka Radulović – bass guitar (visiting member)

Band “Some New Kids”CC Es Hotel, Bela Palanka

  • Mili Kotlo – guitar
  • Saša Kotlo – guitar
  • Duško Vidačić – vocals, bass guitar
  • Kristijan Keleuva – drums
  • Dijana Živić – vocals, synthesiser
  • Predrag Jovanović – drums