The Association of Citizens “NOVA”


The Association of Citizens “Nova” is a non-partisan and non-profit organisation which aims at assisting the recovery, protection, and development of the civil society, engaging, among other things, in the implementation of projects in the field of humanitarian work.

The members of the Association are psychologists, sociologists, actors, musicians, students; internally displaced people and refugees. They are mostly professionally oriented to the work with children and adults who need assistance. The Association has its branches – members in Pirot, Becej, Vranje, Belgrade, Leskovac, Kursumlija, and Bela Palanka.

In the past, most of its members were engaged as workshop facilitators or volunteers by ICS, to work on the implementation of the Programme of Psychosocial Support to Refugees and IDPs in Collective Centres, funded by UNHCR. A very good relationship was established not only with the beneficiaries in CCs, but also with the local authorities. In order to make sure the acquired experience stays in the local community, the creation of the organisation was initiated by ICS. This process was part of the strengthening of the civil society in Serbia.

Apart from this project, “Nova” has taken part in the organisation of a number of seminars and a lot of voluntary activities with the children from collective centres, as well as the local children (theatre and puppet theatre plays, art and music workshops, English language courses, outings, visits to historical sites and the City Hall…). Members of similar organisations from different European countries ( France, Italy, Spain), the volunteers, have also taken part in all these activities.

The Association tries to establish good contacts with similar organisations from our country and from abroad.