NGO “Roma Cultural Centre – Vranjska Banja” – RCC was founded in 2001. RKC mission is integration of the Roma in the local community with the preservation of national identity through education and respect for human rights.

The fields of activities of RKC are education, human rights, minority rights, culture and information and employment of Roma.

RKC members have passed many seminars that are essential for working in the NGO sector.

So far the RKC has implemented a number of projects with various partner organizations and donors:

1. The project “Young activists” – CARE was implemented in the period of 18 months (2006-2007). The project is aimed at young people of different nationalities (Serbs, Roma and Bulgarians) are working on breaking down stereotypes and combating discrimination against minority groups organizing various mini activities with the help of forum theater. The project was implemented in Vranje, Leskovac and Vranjska Banja.

2. The project “Children are our future” was implemented for a period of four years (2005-2008) and was conducted in partnership with Save the Children, Society for the Improvement of Mental Health of Children and Youth – UNHCR and was aimed at the Roma pre-school children preparation for school.

3. The project “Support to the Roma victims of the Holocaust” – ICS-IOM was implemented in the two years (2007-2008). The project is aimed at the elderly Roma victims of the Holocaust provide psycho-social support, medical care, gerontology services, assistance in the form of food parcels and hygiene etc…

4. The project “Winter Help” – CARE was implemented in two stages within 2007 and 2008. The project is aimed at the most vulnerable Roma in southern Serbia assist in the provision of firewood. The project was implemented in the whole region of Pčinjski district.

5. The project “Improving the health status of Roma in southern Serbia” – CIDA was implemented for the period of 12 months (2007) and was aimed to various activities such as workshops, seminars and health education for improving the health status of Roma in southern Serbia.

6. The project “National responsibility for HIV and AIDS” – BATUT is a research implemented in 2008th in Vranjska Banja and which was aimed to investigate whether there are risk behaviors among young Roma in Vranjska Banja and, if there is, to suggest to these young people testing for HIV and AIDS at the nearest medical center.

7. The project “Start from the beginning” was implemented in collaboration with the Centre for Interactive Pedagogy (CIP) since 2008 until the end of 2010 on the territory of Serbia, and was aimed at promoting early growth and development of children.

8. The project “Network monitoring rights and the situation of Roma children” – Center for the Rights of the Child (CRC) was implemented in 2007.

9. The project “Inclusion Of Roma Elders Through Social Interaction” – ICS IOM was implemented in 2009.

10. The project “I also know how to draw” – CIP was implemented for a period of three months. They were art workshops for children of preschool age 3 to 5 years.

11. The project “Empowerment of Roma women” – Bibija was implemented in 2009. The project aimed to identify and prevent domestic violence and as a target group had a Romani woman from Vranjska Banja.

12. The project “Functional Basic Education of Roma” – Institute of Pedagogy and Andragogy of Belgrade University was aimed to enable Roma to the age of 30 who have not completed primary school to ended it and some adittional craft to make it easier them for hire.

13. The project “Mediators in the Roma population” – OIC, the Ministry of Health of Serbia – was implemented in 2008 and was aimed at the onfield education of Roma population in the city of Vranje about HIV and AIDS and the modes of protection and prevention.

14. “Culture Days” – Every year during the large Roma holiday Vasilica on 14th of January, RKC Vranjska Banja is organized a cultural Roma Ball with the support of City of Vranje.