Society for the Development of Creativity is a non-governmental organisation from Aleksinac, founded on 11 February 1997, aiming at creative development, creativity, and education of children and youth. The primary activities of the organisation are workshops, trainings, seminars, psychosocial support, humanitarian and social actions, etc. More than 4,000 young people and around 1,500 adults have participated in the activities of the organisation since its foundation. At the moment, the organisation has got around 40 active members, associates and volunteers, and over 300 beneficiaries of its projects. The organisational structure consists of the Assembly, the Managing Board, and the teams for education, psychosocial support and social actions. The premises of the organisation are open every day and are in 14, Drakceta Milovanovica Street, in Aleksinac.

For seven years, the organisation has implemented a number of larger projects not only for children and youth, but also for other citizens, such as: “Open Club”, radio programme “Youth for Youth”, publishing the magazines “Windows” and “Challenges”, drama workshop “Playing Against Violence”, “Programme of Psychosocial Workshops for Refugees and IDPs” in the fields of language, drama, computing, prevention of addictions, the programme of encouraging activism “Civic Forum” and “Open Talks about.”, the project “Kulina” with the workshops for the children with special needs, the seminars for the teachers from the Special Primary School from Aleksinac and for the employees of the Home for the Persons with Special Needs in Kulina near Aleksinac, the radio programme in Romany and Serbian “Romano Dive”, the workshops of psychosocial support and handicrafts for the elderly in collective centres, Health and Social Programme for Elderly Roma, the Training for Looking for a Job for the Unemployed, the programme “Computers and Teaching” licensed by the Ministry of Education and Sport of the Republic of Serbia, etc.

The donors of these projects were: Fund for an Open Society, ICS, UNHCR, IOCC, Oxfam, IOM, World Bank.

Apart from these projects, the organisation has implemented the trainings in the fields of social skills, management, volunteerism, computing, foreign languages, etc, both for the youth and adults in the municipalities of Aleksinac, Sokobanja and Nis.


1. Project “Our Days” has been implemented since 2000. Its aim is the psychosocial support to refugees and IDPs in collective centres through workshops for the children and youth, and for the elderly. Our organisation has been implementing this project as a local partner of Italian Consortium of Solidarity.

The project consists of 9 workshops in total. The workshops for children and youth are Cartoon Video-club, Quizomania, Computer Workshop, Prevention of Addictions Workshop (realised in the collective centres in Aleksinac, Bela Palanka and Leskovac). There are also 5 workshops of psychosocial support and handicrafts for the elderly. There are 7 facilitators in total, working of the realisation of the workshops. The project caters for almost 200 direct beneficiaries, and is supported by UNHCR and ICS.

2. Project “Social Club for Elderly Roma” has been started in April 2003. Its aim is the organisation of the activities for the elderly Roma from Aleksinac, the survivors of the holocaust. For this purpose, the special premises of the area of 70 m2 have been provided and equipped in 2, Skopska Street, in Aleksinac. The premises are open every day from 16.00 till 20.00.

The project consists of health and social activities, as well as the delivery of humanitarian aid for 90 direct beneficiaries. Our organisation is one of the local partners involved in the programme implemented by Italian Consortium of Solidarity. The programme is supported by International Organisation for Migration IOM.

3. Project “Training for the Unemployed for Looking for a Job” aims at the education, empowerment and confidence building of the unemployed in the records of the National Service for Employment, and the training for looking for a job independently. The programme consists of psychosocial support and the development of the following themes: writing a CV, the behaviour during the interview, volunteer work, probation work, entrepreneurship, etc. The programme caters for around 1000 people from the records of the unemployed, and is realised by psychologists, sociologists, and lawyers. The programme has been funded by the World Bank.

The organisation has got a good cooperation with all the relevant subjects in the local community and has often been present in the local media.