Volunteers – THANK YOU!


Since the beginning of its work in Serbia, ICS has had the honour to cooperate with a large number of volunteers from Italy and Europe. These young people have greatly contributed to the success of our programmes, and brought joy to a large number of children and youth. We owe them gratitude!

The organisation “Lunaria”, a member of ICS, is implementing the project “Supporto alla Giovane Serbia” (Support to the Young People in Serbia). As part of this project, the young people from different European countries spend 6 months on average in Serbia, volunteering in ICS programmes.

ICS organises the reception and accommodation of volunteers, presents its programmes to them, and introduces them to the local community, customs and culture. After a period of adaptation, the volunteers find their place in the programmes and very often propose how they want to be engaged. Their initiatives and contacts have always been extremely useful and valuable!

In December 2004, Rocco Fischetti from Italy and José Miguel Vilar Bou from Spain arrived in Nis, with the wish to spend 9 months with us.

In January 2005, Nadia Duriez arrived in Nis, and the three of them stayed here till August, that is September 2005. Look at the photos!